A Step By Step Guide To Help You Plan The Perfect Thanksgiving (INCLUDES FREE PRINTABLES)

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WE MADE IT!!! No YOU made it. Thank you for going through this journey with me. I only hope that what I provided has been helpful and I hope that I didn’t leave anything out that the notes printable sheet couldn’t cover. If this is your first time seeing my thanksgiving planning post and you want to try and get everything done in a week.

Here are the guides for:

GOOD LUCK!! You GOT this!!!!

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So there’s not much to cover this week since this is it. If you’ve kept up with all the steps I’ve covered hopefully it worked and you’re right on track with where you need to be. This checklist includes:

  • COOK SOME OF YOUR MEALS AHEAD OF TIME–I suggest making any desserts you plan on serving a few days or a day before. I know some people like to make their turkey the night before but if you choose to make your turkey the day of, start early and DO NOT wait until the night before to thaw it out. You want the day to go as smooth as possible if you’re hosting so whatever you can do to minimize your stress this week. DO IT!!!
  • TABLE SETTING–If you can, set your table the night before and don’t forget about the kids table if you have one.
  • GUEST ARRIVAL— If you haven’t done so already, reach out to your guest and let them know what time to arrive for dinner (don’t forget to confirm that they’re bringing whatever food item they said they will bring, doing so will ensure that your menu from week one is still accurate and concise).
  • ENTERTAINMENT–If you’re household is planning on watching the football game, play cards, sing karaoke, etc. set everything up for this a few days or so before. Also, don’t forget about the entertainment for the kids (board games, video games, etc).
  • HAVE FUN!!!

In case you need it, here’s the additional notes printable.

That’s it! If you followed me on this journey please tag me in any pics on social media or leave me a comment and let me know how it went and if there’s anything I need to improve on next year. Let’s Chat!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

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