Why We Lose Momentum and How We Can Maintain It

I got the idea from my Facebook group to write about Focus for the month of February for my Wellness Wednesday post. I posted a question and asked everyone what their focus will be for February, some of the responses I received were “time management,” “being more organized,” and “prioritizing time.” These are all veryContinue reading “Why We Lose Momentum and How We Can Maintain It”

4 Key Tools We Can Use To Work On Self-Acceptance

Similar to the self-care challenges for the year, I want to work on a specific focus for my wellness Wednesday post for each month. I decided to choose emotional self-care factors that we tend to struggle with such as compassion, mindfulness, acceptance, motivation, and so on. For the month of January, I want us toContinue reading “4 Key Tools We Can Use To Work On Self-Acceptance”

Killer Self-Care Ideas To Kick off 2021

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021 and the first set of self-care routine ideas to kick off the new year. I’ve been contemplating the changes I wanted to make to my challenges in the new year since mid November. I’ve said it many times in the past, I don’t want the challenges to be predictableContinue reading “Killer Self-Care Ideas To Kick off 2021”

7 Self-Care Ideas We Can Use To End The Year Strong

I can’t believe this is the last set of self-care challenges for the year. I started these around mid or the end of October and I’ve been consistent with them every week. I mentioned in a previous post that I try my best to make them convenient, quick, and diverse. I try to make aContinue reading “7 Self-Care Ideas We Can Use To End The Year Strong”

6 Emotional Self-Care Lessons We Should All Learn From COVID-19

I’d certainly sound like a broken record if I start this post off by saying that this has been a rough year for everyone but I’m doing it anyway because it has been. I remember when we were all quarantined back in March and my co-worker literally thought we would be back in the officeContinue reading “6 Emotional Self-Care Lessons We Should All Learn From COVID-19”

Christmas Inspired Daily Self-Care Routine Ideas

Happy Holidays! Christmas is in five days, but there’s something about this year that doesn’t feel like the holiday season to me and it has everything to do with the pandemic. A few things I really love about the holidays are; the lights, the music and just the overall feel of the season. But thisContinue reading “Christmas Inspired Daily Self-Care Routine Ideas”

7 Daily Self-Care Morning Routine Ideas To Do Before Work

I get really excited when it’s time to write the daily self-care routine post. Even though I never usually know what I’m going to write about until I sit down to do it lol. I do however plan out the seven challenges way ahead of time, and the post itself is written a few daysContinue reading “7 Daily Self-Care Morning Routine Ideas To Do Before Work”

7 Day Self-Care Challenge For Emotional Self-Care!

If you have been doing these challenges for a while, have you noticed any changes in how you feel? Do you feel better or the same? Which ones have been some of your favorites so far? Hopefully you’ve been keeping a list of the ones that have worked out for you, so in the future,Continue reading “7 Day Self-Care Challenge For Emotional Self-Care!”