Homemade Garlic Knots (With Step By Step Pictures)

This is a quick blog post about my experience with making garlic knots for the first time. If this is your first time reading my food Friday post, please note that this is not a recipe blog post, just my experience with making the recipe. I did provide the link for the recipe in caseContinue reading “Homemade Garlic Knots (With Step By Step Pictures)”

Blogmas Twenty-Five Days Of Christmas: The BEST Christmas Desserts (Vegan and Gluten Free Options)

From now until Christmas day,, I will be posting a list of twenty-five tips and ideas that will help you get through the holiday season. On Christmas day I will have offered you over six hundred ideas that you can enjoy alone or with family and friends.  Who doesn’t love desserts? And around the holidayContinue reading “Blogmas Twenty-Five Days Of Christmas: The BEST Christmas Desserts (Vegan and Gluten Free Options)”

Zucchini Bread Two Ways (Vegan Option)

Last week on this blog, one of the challenges was to try something new so I decided to make zucchini bread. I can’t remember why I chose to make it but when I looked up the recipe it seemed easy enough and of course I had all the ingredients (except the zucchini). I found theContinue reading “Zucchini Bread Two Ways (Vegan Option)”

Super Soft Batch, Butternut Squash Chocolate Chip Vegan Friendly Cookies

I made these for Halloween and wrote a blog about it here. I had some left over butternut squash and the other ingredients from the last time I made these, but I didn’t have any eggs. Decided to make them anyway and I also added pumpkin purée this time and they turned out really good.Continue reading “Super Soft Batch, Butternut Squash Chocolate Chip Vegan Friendly Cookies”

Blog-OWEEN: Chunky Butternut Squash Chocolate Chip Cookies

Blog-OWEEN—one week of inspired self-care ideas (Oct. 24th-31st).  Self-care is creating a platform to help you manifest the life you want to live,  it looks different for everyone.  Self-care is key; internally, externally, and always cooking good food. Who doesn’t love a good Halloween treat?  After all, Halloween is a “holiday” that encourages eating sugar so I thought itContinue reading “Blog-OWEEN: Chunky Butternut Squash Chocolate Chip Cookies”