Celebrating The Consequences Of Change

As we steadily approach the end of the month, I thought about how I wanted to close out this month’s focus. Since change can be challenging for some people, I decided to talk about ways we can celebrate change when they occur. Some changes bring forth great consequences and those moments are worth celebrating. I want to circle back to what I said about great consequences because I don’t think I emphasized that enough in my posts this month. I talked a lot about how we can accept change and how change is inevitable but I haven’t said much, (if anything at all) about the consequences, especially the great ones; I’ll weave the benefits of those consequences in this blog some how.

I think change is worth celebrating because it means we are stepping into a new stage in our lives. It’s a process of releasing the shell of who you were to taking one step closer to who you are truly meant to be.

I think change is worth celebrating because much like seasonal changes it brings forth new opportunities and possibilities. Some of us change with each season, and this can look different for everyone. For example, I know people who change their skincare products to accommodate the potential affects the weather will have on their skin each season. And that’s only one very small example of change.

I think change is worth celebrating because it shows how resilient we can be. Some changes are bad, and we’ve all dealt with the consequences of said change, but some how we always bounce back and I think that says a lot about who we are as a person and as a species.

I think change is worth celebrating because sometimes the consequences can be great. Everything listed above is an example of this but so many other areas of change falls under this umbrella. Leaving a bad relationship or a job, getting your dream job, purchasing a home, getting married, and or starting a family. Some of these are examples of changes that we want, so chances are the consequences will benefit us. Even the changes we dread have great benefits such as changes at work that can expand our mind and knowledge if you have to learn a new skillset.

How do you celebrate change? Do you think change is something worth celebrating? This is something I think we should think about. Even if you answered no, I’m sure you’ve celebrated change in some form or fashion. We celebrate change when go out for drinks when someone is leaving the company or if you or someone got engaged or graduates from college. We may not realize it but change is celebrated often and I love it because for something that we tend to dread so much, we find ways to celebrate the benefits of it.

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I have a long history with mental illness. Overcoming depression made me realize my own resilience. It also made it clear that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I believe that in order for us to fully engage with ourselves and others we have to make time for self-love through our self-care habits. My goal with this blog is to encourage women in my age group to make time for self-care daily.

3 thoughts on “Celebrating The Consequences Of Change

  1. Change in life can be incredibly tough to process and work through so when it’s like that for me, I try to see it as a redirection (if it’s unexpected) or an opportunity to learn something new (if it’s expected but making me anxious). I love how encouraging this is as I think we all find change a bit tricky in our lives. Thanks for sharing!

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