Guest Blogger Post: 8 Quick Tips That Can Help you Improve Your Self-Care Routine as an Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is a busy one. Quite often you end up wearing many hats and taking on more than you can handle. For that reason, creating a self-care routine is vital for you as an entrepreneur. Self-Care At Forty has put together a list of eight quick tips to help you destress, free up more time, and find balance as an entrepreneur or small business owner.

1. Get your heart rate up. There’s a reason that physical activity is often the first thing we think of when it comes to self-care. In order to reduce stress and feel great, you need to get the endorphins flowing. This is crucial for boosting your creativity as an entrepreneur and not burning out in the long term. Even if you’re just fitting in 30 minutes a day for a bodyweight workout at home, you can start to notice positive changes.

2. Take up a new hobby. Taking time to follow your passions or discover new hobbies provides a major stress release for entrepreneurs. It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s important to reward yourself with fun activities. Plus, the skills you learn in your new hobby can often be applied to your small business as well.

3. Purchase a pressure cooker. Have you ever felt like there’s just not enough time in the day to prepare healthy meals? A pressure cooker is an entrepreneur’s best friend. Investing in one comes with plenty of benefits, like saving you time and energy, reducing cleaning time, and preserving more nutrients than traditional methods.

4. Learn yoga. Not only can practicing yoga help you manage stress, but studies show that it also helps you sleep better, improves heart health, eases chronic pain, and more. You can reap the benefits by joining a yoga class in person or online, as well as practicing at home.

5. Practice self-massage. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on massage each month when you can benefit from self-massage? This is a particularly important technique to learn for entrepreneurs who are seated at a desk for most of the day.

6. Make work-life balance a priority. If you have employees, then that frees up time for you to take a break daily or go for a walk, use your vacation days, and work remotely on occasion. ZenBusiness advises establishing boundaries with your team so they know when you are and aren’t available.

7. Invest in your personal development. As an entrepreneur, you know that investing in yourself is as important as investing in your business. Some of the most successful people in the world have coaches, mentors, and are a part of mastermind groups. You can also invest in your personal development by taking courses or reading books to improve your mindset.

8. Don’t forget social self-care. Working for yourself can be lonely at times, especially if you do so from home or without a team of employees to manage. Even if you’re extremely introverted, taking the time to socialize and nurture relationships is part of thriving in life. Even if you just catch up with friends over dinner and dancing once a week, give your mom a call every few days, or head out to monthly networking events, you can develop and maintain a positive support system. 

We hope these tips inspire you to create a self-care routine that works for you. Make sure to visit the Self-Care At Forty blog for more amazing ways to take care of your mind, body, and soul as an entrepreneur.

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ABOUT THE GUEST BLOGGER: After spending most of his time in a corporate setting and neglecting his own self-care far too long, Brad embraced his calling and decided to become a full-time life coach. He now spends the rest of his life helping people get a better foothold on their wellness above all else. If you’re interested in learning more about Brad check out his website at

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I have a long history with mental illness. Overcoming depression made me realize my own resilience. It also made it clear that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I believe that in order for us to fully engage with ourselves and others we have to make time for self-love through our self-care habits. My goal with this blog is to encourage women in my age group to make time for self-care daily.

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