The Gift Of Life’s Challenges

I hope the title was intriguing enough for you to click on this post because I really think there are hidden benefits in the challenges we face in life. Sometimes these benefits are obvious and other times we have to really step outside our ego to learn the lesson. I’ve only posted one Wellness Wednesday post this month because I was “out sick” but my focus for the month of August is Life’s Challenges. I chose this as a focus because we all deal with challenges at different times in our lives. Challenges are inevitable and as difficult as they are, at times I think they can be very beneficial and the lessons we learn will likely help us with challenges we face in the future. When we think of challenges we wouldn’t classify it as a gift, in fact it would likely be the opposite. Most people would probably think of challenges as a curse, a burden, a struggle, bad luck or even a barrier. I agree with this because those adjectives is EXACTLY how it feels, especially when we are in the belly of the beast. We have to learn how to focus on the benefits even when it feels like everything is falling apart around us…this is not an easy task. The following are ways in which we can identify life’s challenges as a gift.

IT PREPARES YOU FOR THE FUTURE I mentioned it in the previous paragraph, sometimes the challenges we deal with can help better prepare us for future challenges. By this I mean, sometimes the affects won’t be as difficult the second or third time around especially if it’s a challenge you’ve been through before. Some challenges never get easy but we can lessen the blow; in order to do this we have to be aware—this means our focus can’t solely be on what’s negatively affecting us, we have to see the benefits. Maybe the challenge will help to make you a stronger person or help you to understand why we go through the things we go through in life.

IT HELPS YOU GROW I think without life’s challenges we don’t grow and that’s why we all experience it. As difficult as it is, challenges should be embraced (to some extent). When faced with challenges we should start to think “this is another opportunity for me to learn and grow.” Unfortunately we are programmed to dread anything that doesn’t bring us joy. We should learn to accept and embrace the good with the bad to help us create balance.

IT BUILDS YOUR STRENGTH I mentioned this previously, our challenges helps make us stronger. The more we go through, the stronger we get and the more prepared we are for anything that comes our way. This doesn’t mean that we’ll always have it all figured out, but we will know that challenges are inevitable, that we will get through it because we always do, and that our adversities won’t break us.

There is so much more that what I’ve mentioned here but I believe this is a good start I also hope that this will get you to look at life’s challenges than more than just a burden, stressful, or something to dread. While we may never be excited to deal with challenges seeing the benefits will help change your mindset around it. Instead of dreading it, we can start thinking “I got this” or “I’ll get through this.” Having a positive mindset might also help make the entire process a bit more tolerable. Understand that your challenges don’t define who you are but they can help shape you into becoming more prepared, build your strength, and help you grow. What methods do you use to help you deal with life’s challenges?

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