What You Should Know About Clarity

Hopefully the title was intriguing enough for you to click on this post lol. I’m nearing the end of the month so this is my last week with an original content post for the topic around clarity. My regulars know that next week I will be posting my roundup blog post for this month’s topic; and with that said, I kinda wanted to go out with a bang this week. But you know my modus operandi; often times I never know what I’m going to write about it until I start typing so of course today’s topic is no different. The title came to me randomly and I really like the idea behind it but I really don’t know “what we should know about clarity” but I trust something good will come to me while I type this. I think if we think hard enough, clarity there are a lot of things we can probably come up with that we should know about clarity. But under the context in which we use clarity, the following are some ideas I came up with that I think we should keep in mind.

CLARITY IS A CONSTANT which means we will always need it and some point during our lives but Im sure you already know this. I think that in every Wednesday post this month I’ve said something about how we need clarity to help us with challenging decisions. There will likely never be a time in our lives when we won’t need to make a decision in the midst of chaos. Clarity will help us with that. Last week I talked about how clarity is a sign of maturity. I still stand by this because if you lack self-awareness you will probably make a lot of rash decisions.

CLARITY DOESN’T ALWAYS BRING FORTH AN ANSWER sometimes it helps guide you meaning, we don’t always rely on clarity when we need to make a decision. Sometimes we use it to help with finding some direction in our lives. I’ll share my experience with this. I can’t ever recall a time in my life when I don’t contemplate where I want to be and what I want to do with my life. This is usually a process that can be mind and time consuming. Writing these thoughts and Ideas down is a form of clarity and that list can act as a guide because it can potentially create some direction for the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.

CLARITY IS A GREAT FIRST STEP making the choice to rely on clarity is a great step for making decisions, weighing your pros and cons, needing some direction, alleviating stress and frustration, etc. I don’t think we should ever count clarity out. If you’re the type to make rash decisions or the type to sweep things under the rug; clarity would be a game changer. If you’re having doubts, check out what I had to say about clarity during week 1 and week 2.

This was an interesting topic to write about because like I mentioned in one of my previous Wednesday post, clarity is not something that’s often discussed. We don’t usually decide to write about clarity. I think it’s just something we decide to do if we’re going through the motions but gaining clarity harbors so many benefits when we need direction or have to make decisions. It truly is a sign of maturity when you choose to rely on clarity before instead of going blindly into any situation or instead of making rash decision. What are some ways in which clarity has worked out for you in life?

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