7 Unconventional Social Self-Care Ideas

I think this month’s focus has to be the most challenging to work on. I know I say that often but I can’t imagine that most bloggers can’t relate to what I mean. I am not a writer by nature so making the decision to post bi-weekly can be tough because a). I never want to repeat myself; b). I don’t want my readers to get bored; c). I want to make sure that the content I provide is useful and makes sense; and d). I have to juggle my work and personal life around my blogging life. I don’t think it’s ever really easy; but some days it can be beyond challenging and I think today is one of those days. I came up with the idea for this week’s post while I was engaging in some self-care (getting a pedicure). I do like the idea of unconventional social self-care but I have no idea what it actually means lol. Which of course I’m sure you already know that means I have no idea what this blog will be a about (not knowing is becoming a trend for me lol).

I think we all know what the word unconventional means—it means the ideas that I’m presenting this week will be outside the norm or they will be ideas that we wouldn’t normally associate with self-care. I always say we can find self-care in most things that we do, the trick is to find the moment that gives you pure joy, even if it only last for a few minutes. Sometimes all we have is a few minutes. I want to give myself credit for always pushing myself outside my comfort zone and finding self-care ideas for you that are outside the norm. For example, when was the last time I provided a list of self-care options that include getting a mani/pedi, a massage, doing a facial, etc. I love those ideas but I think they’ve been done to death. It’s not intentional but lately I’ve noticed that I’ll sneak those options into other self-care ideas e.g. “plan a girls night, maybe you can do mani/pedis or get a massage.” But I digress and likely stalling because again, I don’t know what my ideas will be for this week lol.

I think the approach I want to take this week is to encourage you to step outside your box and do something outside of your norm. I mentioned in the previous paragraph what unconventional was but my idea of unconventional and your idea might not be the same thing.

Step Outside Your Box and by this I mean research some options for events that’s happening in your area or outside of your city. One site that comes to mind for this is eventbrite. Eventbrite has tons of ideas for things that’s going on in your local area and sometimes those events are free. An unconventional option that I can think of is a jazz event. I’m not a huge jazz fan but I like it and it can be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. If you choose this option I’m encouraging you to find an event that you wouldn’t normally attend. Even if you don’t like it you can say you’ve experienced it and give yourself kudos for trying something new.

Go Out Alone this may not be unconventional to some people but this option is for my readers who can’t imagine going out to eat or to a movie by themselves. I see people post stuff about this on social media, “you must really love yourself if you can go out alone,” “I want to go to a movie but I can’t find anyone to go with,” or “I always feel sorry for people who go out alone; I guess they don’t have any friends.” I thinks it’s comical and while we are all different; if you can’t enjoy your own company out in public, then you should re-evaluate the love you have for yourself. When I spend time alone I often meet other people that I can talk to our I bring a book to read or I browse my phone. Even though I’m alone, I’m never really alone. I thoroughly enjoy my own company and I wish more people had the same mindset. It’s healthy.

Schedule A Cooking Class when I first started this blog I use to write about my experience with cooking a meal and post it on Fridays but it didn’t last long. After a few weeks I realized that it wasn’t cohesive with my Sunday and Wednesday post and everything I cooked (if I cooked) was not worth writing about every week. I’m no chef but I really enjoy cooking I think it’s very therapeutic. I know not everyone feels the same way I do but I can find self-care in cooking. If you’re the opposite; I’m challenging you to be unconventional this week and schedule a cooking class you’ll be surprised at what you may learn about yourself.

Join A Social Club this is pretty vague but pre-pandemic I know there were a lot of social meet up groups that you could find online to join. I’ve never participated in them but I believe they were groups of like minded individuals that would come together and socialize and network with each other. There might be virtual options available but I think this is a great for anyone to meet others, possibly make some new friends, learn about your area (if you’re new to the area), and network.

Join A Book Club this is similar to the above. I have always wanted to join a book club because I think this is another form of socializing that doesn’t involve spending money on food and alcohol. Also, it’s an opportunity to have intellectual and stimulating conversations with others while also taking opposing ideas and opinions into consideration. This is a social self-care option that will expand and grow your mind.

Just Do It this won’t apply to everyone but you know that friend that has been asking you to do that thing that you keep putting off? Do it! Sometimes we back away from doing things but we don’t think we will like it, we’re afraid, or it’s not really our thing. But it’s like they always say; how will you know you won’t like it unless you try. It’s really important for us to live outside or comfort zone for a bit sometimes. We can experience so much and learn so much about ourselves when we do. Additionally, it can give you something to talk about. Years ago I listened to a podcast that encouraged something similar; she said when you attend social events and someone is talking about how much they like xyz, you can provide an opposing opinion and share the qualms you had with the experience.

Try Some Physical Activities such as going to one of those trampoline centers or ride scooters around the city. Be a big kid for a change and invite some friends. I think I’m creating this one for myself because even though they’re fun, those activities are not my thing at all lol. But if I’m encouraging you to take a chance and try something new, I need to make sure I’m doing the same thing as well.

I ended the blog by saying something similar last week. These may not seem like traditional self-care ideas but they are definitely unconventional furthermore, this month’s focus is social self-care and I think each of these options creates space for that. Sometimes self-care is laughter and fun, it’s not always relaxation and pampering. Make sure you’re opening up yourself to other ideas.

Self-Care on the go are essentially bite size versions of my self-care challenges. It’s open to anyone but it’s specifically created for moms and other working women; who may not have time to participate in all (or any) of the challenges that I provide weekly because of their mommy duties or busy work schedule. You can access the infographic HERE. I’ve been posting them every Sunday since the beginning of the year and I really enjoy creating them. If you’re one of my readers who participate in, or enjoy these options because you find them convenient, leave a comment and let me know what you like about them or what you think I should change. Thanks for going on this self-care journey again with me this week. 

By the way, if you’re interested, my Newsletter and Self-Care Accountability Worksheet is now available. The worksheet will act as a supplement to my daily self-care challenges. The purpose is to help you stay on track with your daily self-care routines. If you’re interested in receiving these items weekly, email me at tam33ks@yahoo.com. The self-care worksheet is FREE, but will only be available to my Newsletter subscribers. I will NOT spam you, I will only email once per week.

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