Why We Need Clarity

I’m not really sure how I want to start off this week’s Wellness Wednesday post so I’m just going to type and see what unfolds. Never mind that I don’t know how to start off the post, I’m not sure what the hell I want to say about clarity this week lol. I know I sound like a broken record to my regulars but I feel compelled to occasionally repeat my monthly purpose just in case someone reading this is a new comer. At the beginning of each month I choose to write about a specific topic for the entire month that I feel will help myself and my readers work on our self development. For the month of June I wrote about Self-Love; for July I decided to focus on Clarity. I don’t have a process for how I select the topic I choose to write about, it’s really all based on what we as humans struggle with. I don’t consider myself an expert I just write based on life experiences. Last week I blogged about Ideas We Can Use to Gain Clarity (check it out HERE) and this week I decided to write about why I think we need clarity.

I feel like clarity is something that we don’t really discuss or possibly think about often. Unless we are having a difficult time making a decision or if we are in a relationship that’s slowly starting to fall apart, as humans we don’t talk about it until it’s needed. I’m wondering if clarity is something that can (or should) but practiced? And by that I mean should we work it the way we go to the gym and workout our muscles. Clarity itself is not something that we can flex in that way but I think there are methods that help us gain clarity that we can consistently practice to help our process with clarity a bit easier. Some examples would be paying attention to signs in relationships that’s falling apart, things that make you feel good, the benefits of a situation, etc. In other words, taking an assessment or inventory ahead of time but I digress, this blog isn’t about the process we can use to gain clarity it’s about why I think we need clarity. Before I can talk about why we need clarity, I think I need to be clear (no pun intended) about how I define clarity. I define clarity as a mindset that we gain when we need to make a difficult decision about something. Of course I don’t think this is the only way clarity can be defined but based on the way I view clarity, this makes sense to me.

We Need Clarity Because; sometimes some hard decisions needs to be made, and if our head is not clear, we will likely make a decision when our head’s not in the game or on the whim. While there are some decisions that don’t require much thought, there are some that can be life changing. In my opinion, clarity is the main ingredient for helping us make hard decisions. If you don’t agree, think about the last time you made a really difficult decision, now think about what that decision would look like if you didn’t put some real thought into it. And if you didn’t put some thought into it, think about how things would have played out differently if you had.

We Need Clarity Because; it might alleviate some stress sometimes clarity entails weighing the pros and cons and thinking about the benefits. Having a clear outline of what needs to be done will likely lift some of the stress that comes with coming to said conclusion.

We Need Clarity Because; it’s a form of maturity and self-awareness, I’m sure there are people who always make decisions based solely on emotions or on a whim. We probably all know someone who says “F it, I’m going to do….” without giving it thought or considering any potential consequences. When we give ourselves that space to think and analyze before we proceed I think it says a lot about our self-awareness and our emotional intelligence. The ability to consider clarity before moving forward is mature and healthy.

We Need Clarity Because; it shows that we care about ourselves and others this is the best example for any relationship that’s not working. If you give yourself the space to think about the benefits, pros and cons, your reason behind the decision, etc. This shows that you want the best for yourself and the other person. Without thought to gain clarity, you can easily find yourself in a relationship that’s constantly off and on. When your decision is based on a structured thought process that helps clear your mind; you think about what’s best for you and what’s best for the other person. Clarity creates the space for us to consider long term events and alleviates the possibility of being selfish which is generally based on what we’re feeling at the moment.

My word is never law. My regulars know that when I share, my hope is that you’ll take what you need and leave the rest. Nothing I share will resonate with everyone but maybe something will. Again, I’m no expert but I’ve experienced life and the information I present in my blog is what has worked for me and somethings that didn’t work for me. My goal with each of my post is to help mold myself and my readers into better versions of ourselves. Our change will not occur over night but what’s important is working towards always being better than you were yesterday. Clarity in some cases may seem pretty self explanatory but I think knowing the benefits of having a clear mind before you make any decision is essential.

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I have a long history with mental illness. Overcoming depression made me realize my own resilience. It also made it clear that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I believe that in order for us to fully engage with ourselves and others we have to make time for self-love through our self-care habits. My goal with this blog is to encourage women in my age group to make time for self-care daily.

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