Aggressively Edit Your Life: The State Of Clarity

Welcome to the second week of the Aggressively Edit Your Life series. I hope that if you choose to participate in this challenge with me, you’ve already completed the first part of the worksheet from last week titled “The State of Uncertainty.” If this is your first time seeing this post, for the month of May I’m focusing on a worksheet that I created back in December on how we can Aggressively edit our lives. You can read last week’s post HERE and the original post HERE.

The State of Uncertainty is essentially a stage in our life were we may ask ourselves “Where am I at in my life right now?” I think at some point we all find ourselves in a space where we’re not really sure what direction we want our lives to go in, what we want out of life, and we may even question life’s meaning and purpose. My point is, sometimes we are all a bit uncertain. But I hope the work you did last week with the worksheet is helping you build a bridge that you can use as a guide to help you navigate the road you’re expecting to travel.

We are slowly starting to move through the worksheet (I will post it at the end of the blog), and this week’s focus will be The State of Clarity. At this stage we’re asked Where do I want to be in life? Based on the factors you wrote down last week, maybe some of your responses to the question will be:

  • Developing a more positive mindset
  • Enrolling in school
  • Working on your finances
  • Maybe you want to work on being more confident
  • Or all the above

Or maybe it’s nothing like those options. In order to figure out your answers to the question, you have to work on this section of the worksheet in conjunction with your notes from last week. I’ve provided a visual of what this week’s responses may look like below:

  • I think I should end my relationship because I don’t feel like we are growing in the same direction
  • I want to talk to my boss about a promotion because I’ve contributed a lot this year and earned the company more money and cut some cost
  • Paying off a major bill helped boost my credit score
  • I want to leave my company because I don’t like the direction they’re currently going in
  • I need to develop some personal core values so I can start to attract the people and life that I want
  • I love that I know what I want in life
  • I want to start meditating
  • I want to quit my job and travel for a year
  • I want to start reading more (maybe one book per month)
  • I want to be a singer
  • I need to be more strict with my budget

You get the picture. This can be anything you want to do (even the things that you’re afraid to share with people). The sky is the limit and your list is the exclusive VIP ticket. Yesterday I was on social media and a friend posted that she created a list of things she wanted to manifest. Some examples of what she has on her list are making $125k a year, buying a second house, getting a certification, etc. right next to each of these items she wrote “and so it is.” She had a list of five things and so far she has manifested three out of those five items. I’m sharing this to encourage you to push yourself, and to let you know nothing is impossible if you really want it, and that’s one of the purposes behind my worksheet; to help you manifest the things and the life that you want. If I’ve piqued your interest, then here’s the WORKSHEET.

The Wellness Wednesday post for the rest of the month will be similar to a virtual mini workshop. I will walk you through the work you need to do each week and provide you with examples and tips to help you along the way. I’m even available for questions if you have any. If you’re an original selfcareatforty reader, and you’ve had this worksheet but needed some direction, then consider these blog posts your step by step personal guide to a better life, or a guide that will help you gain some clarity. Let me know, how did it feel going through the worksheet last week? Was there anything you struggled with?

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