7 Self-Care Ideas That Involves Texture

As we begin to close out the month and the last week of Physical Touch self-care love language, and ultimately heading into the fifth and the last of the self-care love languages next month; I wanted to provide a set of challenges that were both a mixture of unconventional and typical self-care ideas. Similar to the words of affirmations challenge, physical touch has been one of my favorites to create and I think it has a lot do with tapping into my creativity each week while working on the challenges. If you’ve seen any of my words of affirmations challenges, then you should have a good idea of what I mean about being creative. For example, closing out affirmations after they no longer serve their purpose or working on a seven week affirmation challenge aren’t components that are associated with self-care ideas or routines. Self-care as it relates to physical touch was a bit easier to navigate. The biggest challenge was creating options for each week of the month.

How do you self-care? I like to ask that question periodically because there are so many variations of self-care so I know we don’t all self-care the same, and we all don’t self-care the same every time. I’ve mentioned many times in the past that my self-care is always based on how I feel and what my body needs at the moment. For example, while I’m typing this, my self-care today will definitely be a nap because I’m sleepy. Earlier this week my self-care was a manicure. Sometimes one self-care idea trumps another. I was feeling emotionally drained one day so decided to skip my workout and instead indulged in what I call self-soothing (that particular day self-soothing for me was getting in bed early and binge watching tv shows or movies that I love). Regardless of how you choose to self-care, I hope that you use my blog as your self-care tool. Meaning, if ever you need some ideas, I hope that my blog challenges are the first that comes to mind.

Sunday–THE TEXTURE OF FOODS how often do you really pay attention to the texture of the foods you eat? All too often I think we eat for sustenance only, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing because our bodies need fuel. But there is meaning and self-care in being mindful of what we are eating and today I want us to pay attention to the texture of our foods. Not just our foods but also the texture of our drinks. Smoothies and drinks with foam and whip cream have a different texture when compared to water. Keep in mind that some flavored juices may have bits of grains and pulps in them.

Monday–THE TEXTURE OF YOUR CLOTHING all clothing has some form of texture but today, be intentional about wearing something that feels comfortable and cozy. It certainly wouldn’t be considered self-care if you put on a itchy sweater or anything that has a tag in it that annoys you. Comfortable, warm, airy, and cozy is the texture focus for today’s challenge.

Tuesday– THE TEXTURE OF THINGS (OR OBJECTS) IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT today’s challenge is similar to last week’s challenge, which was based on the textures in nature. You can adopt some of the same ideas from last week’s challenge or you can keep it local and focus on the textures in your home, e.g. your couch, bed, comforter, carpet, etc.

Wednesday–THE TEXTURE OF HUGS or the feel of a hug lol. Get in as many hugs as you can today (without being too creepy of course lol). There’s nothing better than a warm embrace, especially if it’s from someone that you love or really care about.

Thursday– THE TEXTURE OF SEX/MASTERBATION or the feeling of having sex or masterbating. I used this as a self-care option in the past because sometimes I think orgasms are necessary. Without being too explicit or inappropriate, if you choose to engage in today’s challenge I’m encouraging you to focus on the feel of the act, not just the “finish line.” Have fun!!

Friday–THE TEXTURE OF MASSAGES again, this is more of a feel than it is a texture but if you can, schedule a massage. I think this challenge is one of the best ways to close out the physical touch self-care love language month, it may also help you decide if physical touch is your self-care love language.

Saturday–THE TEXTURE OF MANI/PEDIS this is also a great way to close out the month. If you got the massage yesterday, and you decide to get a mani/pedi then you really treated yourself this week and I’m sure you deserved it. A good mani/pedi usually comes with a little massage and definitely a little TLC to your limbs, parts of our bodies that do a lot for us each day (picking and cleaning things up, walking, climbing, pulling, driving, etc.).

This is still my favorite part of writing my self-care challenges post; my Self-Care on the Go infographic. Self-Care on the go are essentially bite size versions of my self-care challenges. It’s open to anyone but it’s specifically created for moms and other working women; who may not have time to participate in all (or any) of the challenges that I provide weekly because of their mommy duties or busy work schedule. You can access the infographic HERE. I’ve been posting them every Sunday since the beginning of the year and I really enjoy creating them. If you’re one of my readers who participate in, or enjoy these options because you find them convenient, leave a comment and let me know what you like about them or what you think I should change. Thanks for going on this self-care journey again with me this week.

By the way, if you’re interested, my Newsletter and Self-Care Accountability Worksheet is now available. The worksheet will act as a supplement to my daily self-care challenges. The purpose is to help you stay on track with your daily self-care routines. If you’re interested in receiving these items weekly, email me at tam33ks@yahoo.com. The self-care worksheet is FREE, but will only be available to my Newsletter subscribers. I will NOT spam you, I will only email once per week.

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I have a long history with mental illness. Overcoming depression made me realize my own resilience. It also made it clear that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I believe that in order for us to fully engage with ourselves and others we have to make time for self-love through our self-care habits. My goal with this blog is to encourage women in my age group to make time for self-care daily.

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