7 Self-Care Affirmations You Can Use Each Week To Start Your Day Off Right

I hate to sound cliche but this year is really flying by, we’re already heading into our second week of the month and I’m excited. March means we are closer to warmer weather and longer days which is by far my favorite time of the year. Cold weather and 65% of darkness during the day is just not appealing to me at all. On a different note, a new month also means that it’s time for a new self-care focus. For the month of March, the self-care activities will be centered around Words of Affirmations. Affirmations are a string of positive words we can use to manifest positivity in our lives. I wrote a blog post about it a few months ago that you can check out here. You might be wondering how I’m planning on mulling in words of affirmations into my self-care challenges for the rest of the month, and my thoughts are similar to yours but I think I can do it, but I will certainly have to be creative throughout the process because aside form words of affirmations, possibly journaling, and writing a love letter to yourself. Nothing immediately comes to mind for words of affirmation self-care ideas.

When trying to decide on my approach for the challenges this week, my initial thought was to reference my Shop Lovet Agency self-care planner. I love that planner. For each month of the year they encourage you to choose your affirmations for the month; they even provide a few for you to write down three times so you can really start to resonate with, and believe in what the affirmation has brought up for you. I want to start this month’s focus off a little different. Instead of providing seven different set of challenges for the day, I want us to focus on seven different set of self-care affirmations for each day of the week. I worked really hard to make sure that these were self-care affirmations, not just affirmations that I randomly picked just because. I also want us to turn this week’s challenges into an affirmation activity. For this activity, I want us to write down the affirmation for each day 3-5 times. Writing them down repeatedly will hopefully help embed them in your mind and will get you to focus on what the affirmations really mean. I also think it’s best to do this right before you start your day, that way you can start day off with right mindset.

Sunday–“I DESERVE TO TAKE TIME FOR MYSELF” man listen! If you’re an avid selfcareatforty reader then you already know that this affirmation is at the forefront of my blog, it’s one of the foundations; case an point my weekly self-care challenges. I’m constantly encouraging us all to take time for ourselves even if it’s only for a few minutes. Self-care is incredibly important and can easily be neglected. And because of this, I’ve learned to try and encourage us to find self-care in everything that we do, even if it’s a chore. If there’s a chore you really enjoy doing, I encourage you to focus on the parts of it that makes you feel good about yourself. If for some reason you feel overwhelmed, out of it, or off, put your affirmation into practice today.

Monday–“I WILL SEEK TO BE MORE OF MYSELF” let’s face it, this can’t be done unless we take care of ourselves. How many times have you gave, until you had nothing else left in you to give? In order for this affirmation to be true, you have to make sure that you’re giving back to yourself too. Once you’ve done that, then it will help with showing up as your most authentic self. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that self-care is the definitive here, but it helps tremendously. Seeking to be more of yourself can be many things but it means being you authentically, not letting fear hold you back, doing what comes naturally, giving yourself some grace, allowing room for mistakes, laughing at yourself sometimes, and acknowledging what you bring to the table in any situation.

Tuesday–“I WILL BE KIND TO MYSELF” engage in positive self-talk. Do this all day. If you’re always hard on yourself or talking down to yourself, give it a rest today and be gentle with yourself. If you find that you’re saying something negative, immediately follow it up with something positive. I know for most of us, negative self-talk is embedded in our vocabulary, we’ve done it so much that when it happens we don’t realize it because it’s become second nature for us. But you attract what you say and what you believe. So today (and from this point on) replace your “I can’t’s, and “I’m not’s” with “I am’s and I wills”. Be kind to yourself.

Wednesday–“I’M ALLOWED TO SAY NO WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY” I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it, the word no is a boundary not a rejection and it’s set in place to protect all parties involved. This is a challenge though because not everyone has this mindset. I’ve talked about using no as a self-care challenge in the past and since this particular activity takes time to manifest, I will continue to post about it occasionally. If the opportunity comes up today for you to say no, do it. If you feel guilty immediately after, re-write this affirmation several more times until you start to find some comfort in your decision.

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Thursday–“I AM ENOUGH, I DO ENOUGH, I HAVE ENOUGH” this is so important, especially in this day and age with social media. Some of us (if not all of us) are guilty of comparing ourselves to the lives of those who appear to be doing a lot better than we are. I read a quote recently that said “Don’t compare your real life to someone’s reel life.” Read that again! Yesterday my 8th grade english teacher did an IG live and discussed this very thing. She said (and I know we’ve all heard this before) that social media is not the place for us to brag about our shortcomings, people are usually only going to post the sides of their lives that they want you to see.” But despite what people may post on social media, what others may say to you, or how you feel about yourself on the inside, just know that this affirmation is true and if you question the validity, then there is something deeper going on that you need to work on.

Friday–“I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO STOP AND BREATHE” my boss calls this a tactical pause. I don’t think we do this enough, I had a conversation with myself about his yesterday because of a mis-understanding that happened while I was at work. After I played the conversation again in my head, I realized my faults. If I wasn’t “moving so fast” I would have seen where I went wrong. Taking that breath is necessary especially if your day is chaotic. A breath may not seem like much because we do it effortlessly but when we purposely pause to engage in a few deep breaths, it can make a world of difference.

Saturday–“I AM WORTHY” You are! TRUST me!!

I really love working on these, it’s still my favorite part of writing my self-care challenges post; my Self-Care on the Go infographic. Self-Care on the go are essentially bite size versions of my self-care challenges. It’s open to anyone but it’s specifically created for moms and other working women; who may not have time to participate in all (or any) of the challenges that I provide weekly because of their mommy duties or busy work schedule. You can access the infographic HERE. I’ve been posting them every Sunday since the beginning of the year and I really enjoy creating them. If you’re one of my readers who participate in, or enjoy these options because you find them convenient, leave a comment and let me know what you like about them or what you think I should change. Thanks for going on this self-care journey again with me this week.

By the way, if you’re interested, my Newsletter and Self-Care Accountability Worksheet is now available. The worksheet will act as a supplement to my daily self-care challenges. The purpose is to help you stay on track with your daily self-care routines. If you’re interested in receiving these items weekly, email me at tam33ks@yahoo.com. The self-care worksheet is FREE, but will only be available to my Newsletter subscribers. I will NOT spam you, I will only email once per week.

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