Blogmas Twenty-Five Days of Christmas: A List of the BEST Family Inspired Christmas Ideas


From now until Christmas day, I will be posting a list of twenty-five tips and ideas that will help you get through the holiday season. On Christmas day I will have offered you over six hundred ideas that you can enjoy alone or with family and friends. The blogmas post are meant to be short and sweet. These post are designed so you can take a quick screen shot of the graphic or, easily print it out if that’s more feasible for you. This is such a busy time of year, you shouldn’t have to rake through content to find the info that you need.

I love this time of year because it means I get to spend time with my family. I don’t live in the same state with my family members, and once or twice in the past I decided to skip seeing them for the holidays and it was truly depressing. It just didn’t feel the same. Having family you can spend time with during the holidays is truly a blessing so I decided to create a list of holiday inspired activities to bring you even closer together this holiday season. Let me know if there’s anything on the list that you already participate in each year.

Here’s the PRINTABLE option in PDF format.

What are your family traditions during the holiday season? Let’s Chat!

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I have a long history with mental illness. Overcoming depression made me realize my own resilience. It also made it clear that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I believe that in order for us to fully engage with ourselves and others we have to make time for self-love through our self-care habits. My goal with this blog is to encourage women in my age group to make time for self-care daily.

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