How to Get Your Affirmations to Work for you in 2021 and Boost Your Emotional Self-Care Habits


About two weeks ago I purchased a self-care planner from a company called Shop Lovet Agency. Their planner popped up as an advertisement on my Instagram page. Since I’m a self-care blogger, It’s a MUST for me to stay on top of self-care resources to further ensure that I’m practicing what I preach. As a blogger I feel that on my end it should be more than just participating in the weekly self-care challenges that I post. I think this is true for any craft or profession. Since receiving the planner, I’ve been taking my time by working on a little bit each day. My goal is to really do a deep dive in January 2021. I’m literally only a few pages in and this is what I’ve worked on so far. I’ve written the love letter to myself (I blogged about writing a love letter to yourself and created a template for you in this post), I reviewed the calendar of self-care ideas and the affirmation pages, I completed the section on writing down your mind, body, and soul goals for the year and, I finished the section that talks about what you love about yourself. It’s a pretty comprehensive planner that helps cater to your emotional self-care needs by allowing you to take time to do inner work. I’m not disappointed with this purchase.

This was originally a boomerang video on Instagram

For a while now I’ve been stuck on a section titled Month at a Glance which ask what your mantra will be for that specific month. For those who are not familiar, mantras are a short sound word or a phrase spoken in Sanskrit for meditation purposes. The purpose is to help your mind and body focus on the moment (more on mantras). Night after night I sat with my pen to paper thinking and thinking but nothing would come to mind. I didn’t want to use google because there are billions of options out there that would do nothing but overwhelm me. I wanted this to happen organically, not something I would select simply because I wanted to reduce my anxiety in that moment. But last night I was sitting with pen to paper again and it came to me “feel the fear and do it anyway.” This is a quote someone posted on social media recently and I’ve been using it randomly ever since. I think it’s so powerful. Fear can be crippling and if we want to accomplish any goals that we feel is out of reach, we have to work through the fear regardless of how challenging it may be. But I didn’t want to call this a mantra as the book instructed, I felt like affirmation was more appropriate.


Affirmations are a string of positive words or phrase that we use to manifest positive things in our lives, and it’s also a form of emotional self-care–self-care that impacts our overall emotional wellbeing. This includes meditation, breathing exercises, therapy, and journaling. Affirmations are incredibly popular and extremely effective if used properly. Harun Inam wrote in his article that “affirmations are sentences aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious so that in turn, they affect our behavior, thinking patterns, habits, and environment.” Read that sentence again, keeping in mind that affirmations can sometimes be negative. But I doubt that any mentally stable individual is trying to attract negative energy into their lives on purpose. But words themselves are affirmations. We hear it all the time, we attract what we put out in the universe. This is why it’s so important for us to remain positive, even when it feels difficult. I think affirmations really come in handy when we feel defeated. If ever you feel like the odds are against you, replace your negative self thought (and talk) with positive affirmations. The words we put out in the universe, in addition to our thoughts have a profound affect on what we attract in our lives.



We have to be accountable for the affirmations we choose to manifest in our lives. Meaning, we’re not only responsible for repeating them multiple times each day, but we also have to live them if we want to see the fruits of our verbal labor. This was my initial thought when I chose my affirmation for the month of January. “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” But how? And in what way? I decided that in order for me to live up to this affirmation I had to act on it. And this act might look different each time it’s performed. At work it might mean being the first one to volunteer to lead a meeting or a presentation. On social media it might mean recording a really transparent video or writing a transparent blog post that I know will help me engage with, and relate to my followers. In my everyday life it might mean standing up for myself in situations that I would usually shy away from. In essence, manifesting my affirmation in January is going to be more than repeating the phrase each day. It will literally mean taking action, because I want to be the living source of my affirmation. After all, repeating affirmations is how we show up for ourselves, they help us become courageous, they help us tap into our emotional self-care, and they allow us to be brave and manifest the life we want to live. We have to show up for our affirmations so they can be fruitful because often times we make promises or repeat affirmations that we don’t live up to. It’s almost as if they fall on deaf ears.


Here are four steps we can take to show up for our affirmations in 2021:

  1. CHOOSE YOUR AFFIRMATION: The Shop Lovet Agency Self-Care Planner created space for me to choose a new affirmation each month (looking forward to that challenge and growth). You can choose one to use for the year, if monthly affirmations seems too aggressive. Choose the option that is conducive to your life and the goals you want to reach. I think the affirmation you choose should resonate with who you are, what you want to achieve, and the standards you want to live up to.
  2. DECIDE HOW YOU WANT YOUR AFFIRMATION TO WORK FOR YOU: I’ll use my affirmation as an example. As mentioned previously, I chose this affirmation because I’ve been using it a lot lately and I felt that it was a great reflection of the direction I wanted my life to go in (specifically with my blog and other areas of my life). This affirmation literally acts as an accountability partner for me because it will force me to constantly step outside my comfort zone. If you choose an affirmation related to love maybe it can mean manifesting a partner in your life or loving yourself more. If you choose one that talks about greatness it could mean that you should start putting 110% at work and in other areas of your life.
  3. REPEAT IT AND WRITE IT DOWN: You all know I love to talk about writing stuff down. I always say we are more likely to accomplish a goal if it’s written down. Write your affirmation down and post it in an area you always visit. Since most of us are working from home, you can post it on a sticky note and put it on your laptop. If you can, post it in various places so you’re always seeing it in multiple areas in your home. If you’re still commuting to work, post it somewhere in your car. You can even write it down, take a screen shot and save it as the background on your phone. And each time you see it, repeat it. And continue to repeat it randomly throughout your day especially when you start to have doubts.
  4. TAKE ACTION: This is likely where some of us may fall short. We have to look for opportunities within opportunities meaning, don’t miss your shot to take action when the situation arise. Please don’t let opportunities pass you by because it didn’t show up the way you wanted it to show up. Here are some of examples, since working from home, there has been a plethora of educational webinars in my inbox, I assume it’s the same for most of you. If your affirmation is to grow and be promoted at work, these educational webinars could help leverage you into that position. You could potentially use the information learned on a project that you’re working on or, you can suggest it as a possible solution to a problem in a staff meeting. This next example is a really popular one. Missing out on love because the guy (or girl) is not the person you “had in mind.” The point I’m trying to make is to be open to all possibilities specifically the ones that you will help you reach the goal you have with your affirmation.

Before I purchased the self-care planner, I was never consistent with affirmations. I believed in the power of affirmations but I never followed through. I’ve always said, as I get older I want to continue to get better in life, in all aspects of my life. Life can be really challenging but it’s really all about how we deal with the challenges when we’re faced with them. When everything around me is chaotic I want to have a source of encouragement that I can fall back on that will help me feel like things will be okay. I don’t want to feel defeated by chaos. I believe that the mindset I want to cultivate can be harvested with the power of affirmations.

I want to share that on January 3rd, I will be launching my weekly Newsletter, in addition to my Self-care Accountability Worksheets. The worksheets will act as a supplement to my daily self-care challenges (check out the most recent self-care challenges). The purpose is to help you stay on track with your daily self-care routines. If you’re interested in receiving these items weekly, email me at The self-care worksheets are FREE but will only be available to my Newsletter subscribers. I will NOT spam you, I will only email once per week.

What has been some of your go to affirmations? How did you manifest them in your life? Let’s Chat!

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