Homemade Wedge Potato Fries With a Guacamole Dip (VEGAN)

Cooking really taps into my emotional-self care, I would describe it as silent therapy for my soul. The idea for this combo came from thechicnatural a lifestyle and beauty YouTuber that I’ve followed for years now. A few years ago she announced on her channel that she was going vegan and since then she has been sharing a lot of vegan recipes. Last month she announced that she will be releasing her vegan cookbook sodeliciouslyvegan which is available now for order.

This super easy recipe was one of the recipes she featured in this video.

I’ve made it several times throughout the years so at this point I don’t necessarily use all the seasonings she suggest in the video I just use the seasonings that I like. I make it for myself so I only use one potato, (medium to large) and it’s the perfect amount. I cut the potato in half, and then I cut both those halves, into half. I continue that process until I get to my desired wedge size.

After the potato is cut into wedges, I add them to a bowl and season. I use a generous dash of salt, pepper, paprika, onion and garlic powder, dill, and sometimes lemon pepper and herbs de provence.

Did I forget to tell you guys to pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit? lol.

I also sprinkle the wedges with about a table spoon and a half of olive oil and combine everything so all the wedges are seasoned and coated with the oil evenly. By the way, it’s best to use a high heat oil (such as avocado oil, sesame oil or sunflower oil). High heat oils are oils that have a high smoke point (400 degrees or higher). Olive oil does not have a high smoke point so once or twice in the past my smoke detector will go off when I make these (although the wedges were not burning). Just a little cooking tip.

I place them in the oven and bake them for about 40mins or so? If this is not your first time reading my food blog then you know that these blogs are about my experience with making a dish, not a recipe post so most times I go based off my “cooking instinct” when I make these recipes. The video above will provide any information you need that I did not include in this post.

I went rogue with the guacamole, meaning I made it based on what I like and not what she suggested in the video. I keep mine very simple. I mash the avocado with a fork, add diced red onions (only a slice or two of the onions you don’t want to over power it). A little salt and pepper, and a bit of diced tomatoes an mix everything together. Unless you like A LOT of guacamole, you only need half the avocado if you’re making this recipe for one person. I found that if I make the whole thing I usually have a lot left over after the fries are done.

Beautiful right?

Potatoes are starchy and avocados are high in calories (but good for you) so I call this combo a “healthy” cheat meal lol. I have not tried it with the vegan chili, I’ve only eaten this by itself and I paired it with a burger once. It’s actually really good. I know some people don’t like the texture of guacamole but pairing the fries with the guac was a game changer for me. You should definitely give it a try. Who doesn’t love comfort food?

By the way, I use the shell of the avocado as plating for the guacamole. I think it’s a really cute idea especially if you’re hosting and decide to make this as an appetizer.

I recently submitted an article to be published on Popsugar and I talked about self-care routines for the women on the go. One tip I mentioned was if you enjoy cooking you should focus on what you enjoy about the cooking process because that’s where your self-care lies. For me, it’s the prepping process; specifically chopping, seasoning and cutting. I don’t know why, but for some reason it makes me feel good. This is why I like to try new recipes and why I choose to share my cooking experiences with my readers on Fridays.

As mentioned earlier, cooking for me taps into my emotional self-care needs because if I’m feeling down, cooking boost my mood. The only down fall is, if I want to share a specific dish with you I have to make sure I capture every bit of what I’m doing, which takes away from the actual experience of cooking for me. How do you cater to your emotional self-care needs?

As usual, let me know if you decide to make this and tag me in your pics on social media. Let’s chat!

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I have a long history with mental illness. Overcoming depression made me realize my own resilience. It also made it clear that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I believe that in order for us to fully engage with ourselves and others we have to make time for self-love through our self-care habits. My goal with this blog is to encourage women in my age group to make time for self-care daily.

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