Beauty Unboxing: October’s Non-Subscription Curlbox

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Just an FYI. I decided that my Friday blogs will be a wild card post (my experience with a new recipe, unboxing beauty products, etc.)

I originally had a membership with Curlbox in 2013 and I loved everything about being a member. The service, the products, the feeling I got EVERY time a new box was delivered….it really felt like Christmas every month.  But it can be overwhelming.  It was impossible for me to go through a bottle of hair products on a monthly basis without forcing it, and after a while, I started to feel like I was being buried alive in products.  

My 2013 product stash

I’ll do a quick rundown in case you’re not familiar with Curlbox’s membership process.  If you’re interested in a membership, you’re placed on a waitlist until “the list” opens up for new members (which is once per month on Saturdays).  The membership is only $20 a month and you get 4 (or more) full sized quality hair products for kinky, coily, curly, or straight hair. You can learn more here.  I’m not sure when they added the non-subscription feature but now you can purchase a specific month’s box on the Curlbox website (without membership), and most of these boxes are the same price as the monthly subscription.  

Screen shot from

I love that they’re offering this because a). I don’t think you can get an entire line of quality hair products for $20 anywhere, b). If you’re like me, you don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed by too many products, and c). It’s a great option for naturals who are on a budget.  Don’t sleep on this offer, I really don’t think you can beat it.

If you haven’t already guessed it, October’s Non-subscription Curlbox was Pattern, the product line created by Black-ish actress Tracee Ellis Ross.  I wasn’t dying to try this line and I think it’s because Tracee and I don’t have the same hair texture.  I just can’t imagine that it would do anything different to my hair when compared to other product lines but who knows, right?  I have not tried the line yet but if you’re interested in a review leave me a comment. 

Screen shot from pinterest

Before I get into the details of each product, I just want to say I love the packaging and the colors she chose.  Also, they are HUGE bottles which is a plus, especially if you have thick and or long hair. 

Screen shot by me

Below is a brief summary (including the price) of each of the products that came in the box (all info is taken from the Pattern Beauty website).

Medium Conditioner for Curlies hydrate & nourishThis product is 13 fl oz and is geared towards curly and coily hair textures.  It provides hydration, slippage (always a plus when your detangling), and curl definition.  The product contains jojoba oil and olive oil and it’s great for low porosity hair.  If you’re not familiar with hair porosity I got you.  There is also a 3 fl oz and a 29 fl oz option for this product. This conditioner costs $25 on Pattern’s website.

Screen shot by me

Here’s what Tracee has to say:

Hydration Shampoo gentle cleanse & hydrate: This product is actually smaller than the conditioner (9.8 fl oz) and the site says it removes buildup without stripping your hair.  It contains aloe vera leaf juice, coconut oil, and honey.  They also have a 3 fl oz and a 25 fl oz option.  The 9.8 fl oz that came in my box is $20 on Pattern’s website.

Screen shot by me

Here’s what Tracee has to say:

Leave In Conditioner define and moistureThis product is also 9.8 fl oz.  Their site titles it the holy grail.  It’s also described as being lightweight, seals in moisture and can be used to further detangle your hair after wash.  It also features a blend of honey and “heavenly oils.” There is also a 3 fl oz and a 25 fl oz for this product.  The 9.8fl oz that came in my box is $20 on Pattern’s website.

Screen shot by me

Here’s what Tracee has to say;

Jojoba Oil Hair Serum moisture boosts for hair & scalpThis serum is a blend of oils that contains jojoba, safflower, rose hip, olive oil, and lavender oil.  This oil is also great for low porosity hair (according to their site) to keep it moisturized and reduce breakage.  This product is 3.9 fl oz and the cost is $25 on Pattern’s website.

Screen shot by me

Here’s what Tracee has to say:

Shower Brush and Hair Clip: The site says the brush is heavy weight and gentle on hair and it helps detangle and create definition. The hair clip’s description on the site is pretty basic. In summary they say it’s great for clipping your hair out of the way when you’re detangling.  The shower brush is $17, and the hair clip is $10 on Pattern’s website.   

Screen shot by me

Here’s what Tracee has to say:

The Clip:

While researching I found my entire Curlbox products on pattern’s website.  It’s the deluxe bundle feature (minus the towel) and it cost $126.  The total cost of each product that came in my box minus the towel (not purchased as the bundle would be) $117 and I got it all for $25.

Screen shot of the deluxe shower bundle from These are all the items that came in my Curlbox (minus the towel).

I’m kind of excited to try them out now lol.  I haven’t broken the seal yet but from what I can tell, they smell great.  I didn’t include this in the descriptions, but the site says “Tracee picked clean non-overpowering smells” such as jasmine, sweet sandalwood, patchouli, neroli rose, etc.  

Screen shot from pinterest

Since I do not use hair tools to detangle my hair, I was thinking about doing a giveaway of the two items below.  I love the clip, but I think someone with longer, thicker hair will benefit from it more than I would.  I will also include other beauty items with this giveaway.  If the giveaway is something you will be interested in, leave me a comment.

Giveaway items. The total of both items on patterns website is $27

Finally, each Curlbox comes with a mag card inside that talks about the product line.

Screen shot by me

Let me know if you want more blogs like these. Let’s Chat!


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