Thanksgiving: Week Two Of The Comprehensive Step By Step Guide To Help You Plan The Perfect Thanksgiving (INCLUDES FREE PRINTABLES)

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We are just two weeks away, the weeks go by so fast when you’re planning. I hope you’ve printed and stayed on track with the planning sheets from last week. If not, there’s still time to catch up and you can find and print them here.

For this week we will really start to get things in order. This CHECKLIST includes:

  • DECORATIONS– it’s time to pull the decorations from the garage, basement, closet, etc. If you’re ready to set them up you can but I think it’s good idea to have them close by since you will be using them soon.
  • CHECK FOR DAMAGES– this is also a good time to go through the items to check to make sure nothing is damaged and needs to be replaced. Also, if you’ve had certain items for a long time they might start to lose their luster so you may want to consider replacing those. If you don’t have any decorations this is the week to start making some purchases.
  • NEW MENU ITEMS– if you added any new food items to your menu last week I suggest doing research for several recipes until you find one that you, your family and guest will enjoy.
  • TRIAL RUN FOR RECIPES– I would also recommend doing a trial run of the new menu item. It might not be a good idea to try a new recipe on the day that you want to serve it for dinner.

The printable is merely a check list but the above gives you an idea of what to look for when checking off the items. I’ve also included the additional notes document just in case there’s anything I left off that you want to take care of. Feel free to share this blog with anyone who you think might need help with Thanksgiving planning. Be sure to check back on Monday for Week 3’s checklist.

How’s it working out for you so far? Let’s Chat!

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